zweiter selbstgeschriebener Song.

Nur mit Chords, ich hoff morgen bekomm ich die

Melodie noch hin :-)

a G

Walking down this lonely road

a E

with nowhere else but this place to go

And singing all the same old songs

with nothing else in my mind


Life is hard and it aint easy


Life is hard and nothings easy

And this is just the same old shit

with nothing certain to be hit

And this is just nothing real

and nothing is nothing just be real


Could this be the only chance

to find what u were thinking of

and could this be the only way

to go the right road the only way


Ref. maybe twice just like u feel.

Grad seh ich dass die Formatierung der

Akkorde zu wuenschen uebrig laesst.

Aber ich denk dass bekommt jeder halbwegs

musikalisch begabte Mensch selber hin,