today i installed kde 4.0 on my kubuntu 7.10 besides kde 3.5.

I wont say anything about the install procedure googling will

find you a lot instructions.

Everything went fine on my install, but when i wanted to login

to the new kde 4.0, all i got was a black screen and i returned

to kdm.

Hm, a lot of trial and error didn’t get me further so i asked in

the kubuntu-kde4 channel on irc.

And somebody really knew what problem i was sitting on.

I have an nvidia graphic card and used the binary drivers from

which where a little bit outdated at that time.

So i installed the new drivers from nvidia, which worked flawlessly and

see, everything works fine now.

And they made a huge effort with kde 4.0 it is what they said it would be,

a really new desktop with a huge lack of kde apps that have to be ported

to the new qt4.

But what works, works great, for me and i can use the old kde 3.5 apps

under kde 4.