week i was a bit bored.

Not really bored but a bit and so i thought what i could do

which might be a bit useless, but not to much.

And all of a sudden i had the idea to upgrade my nice

kubuntu hardy (8.04) to the next version Intrepid Ipex (8.10)

which was in alpha 4 state at that moment.

The last time i did that was, uhm, one or two years ago.

And at that time, everything worked fine ootb iirc.

Ok, the upgrade procedure really went fine, without any

bugs or something like that.

So when the time came i rebooted and BANG.

Some minor errors, but then: „Ubuntu is running

in low graphics mode.“

Uhm, what was that? I read about the new X.org 1.5 iirc

and the feature that a lot of ppl wont need a huge xorg.conf

anymore, so i asked myself. Is that the new feature?

I couldn’t change to the console so i rebooted and choose

to boot the recovery console.

Hm, my new xorg.conf really looked cleaned up.

To clean for my taste.

So i went and installed the beta nvidia proprietary driver,

ran xfix and i had a working xserver.

Nice. And with it the other bug i experienced (a non working

keyboard and mouse under X) vanished.

So i am running Ipex for a week now with only one

bug bugging me.

I cannot install mysql, seems to be a dependency problem.

But the rest runs fine and fast.

KDE 4.1 is the default windowmanager now which i really like.

No more mixing between Kde 3.5 and 4.1 besides the few

apps that are not ported yet.

So if you dont fear data loss or an unproductive system

go and upgrade. It’s nice.