i tried to give TV another Chance today while i

was eating my lunch.

I switched to BR alpha which advertises to be

education TV. So far so good.

When i switched a television series named
„planet wissen“ started.

Todays subject was violence among young people.

The most interesting part was the introductionary

sentence of one of the moderators, it was something

„Violence among young people grows everyday

and especially the brutality rises over the years

like we can see every day in the media.“

This is such a big bullshit. But this is a very good

example about how far our society has come.

We dont need no studies, no proofs, no scientists


Media is the proof of it all. Reality is what media

serves you and nothing else.

This is the message that was sent by the series.

And this is what becomes truth more and more.

Some decades ago media was seen as the 4th

power in germany besides judiciary, legislative

and politics. I believe this is how media

was seen in almost every industrial nation.

However, today media seems to become the

power. More and more with every day passing by.

There is a very nice and accurate song text

from the Gorillaz in their song: Demon Days:

„In these demon days it’s so cold inside

So hard for a good soul to survive

You can’t even trust the air you breath

Because Mother Earth wants us all to leave

When lies become reality

You numb yourself with drugs and TV“

This is what most of people seem to be doing

today. Even very intelligent and educated

human beings.

Enough rant for today.

Maybe it gets some ppl thinking about it…