Thanks to the Arch forum i found that site:

And i was convinced in a very short time.

I need to learn the dovrak layout, especially the programmers

dvorak layout. Some years ago i switched from the german keyboard

layout to the english one cause typing ALT-GR + 8 is a real

pain, and this is what you gotta do to type a „[“ with a german


But i was not that satisfied, until i found the idea of ddvorak.

After some trial and error i got thrown back. The ddvorak layout

is not implemented in Linux yet.

So i tried to remap everything with xmodmap, but no luck.

I mean i was successfull until i came to the dead key ‚,‘ which

i couldn’t get working, no matter what i tried.

Whereas the dead key ‚,‘ is a very important one in the

DDvorak Layout.

Like i said, after some hours i was tired of fiddeling around

and i decided to use the Programmers Dvorak Layout which should

be part of every Linux installation that is a bit newer.

You can load that layout with:

setxkbmap -model pc104 -layout us -variant dvp

But thats only first part.

One thing i found out was really useful was the backspace

function at the ‚b‘ key. Believe me, it feels like enlightement

if you dont have to break your right hand to delete some

characters. So i remapped the standard dvorak programmers

layout in the „us“ file of


(Other distros may have the file somewhere else)

This is the part that i changed:

partial alphanumeric_keys

xkb_symbols „dvp“ {

key { [ apostrophe, quotedbl ] };

key { [ q, Q ] };

key { [ j, J ] };

key { [ k, K ] };

key { [ x, X ] };

//key { [ Backspace ] };

key { [ b, B ] };

key { [ m, M ] };

key { [ w, W ] };

key { [ v, V ] };

key { [ z, Z ] };


This means i moved all the keys of the down left

row one position to left.

I didnt find out how to map Backspace functionality

to the ‚b‘ key in that us file.

After some research i came back to xmodmap.

Here is my current .xmodmap:

keycode 56 = BackSpace

keycode 9 = Caps_Lock

keycode 66 = Escape

clear Lock

add Lock = Caps_Lock

This means:

  1. Map the Backspace functionality to keycode 56, which

is the ‚b‘ key on my keyboard.

Which is fu*** handy.

The Rest remaps the Escape and Caps Lock function.

I am doing a lot of writing in gvim.

(gvim »»> All)

Everybody who uses gvim a lot knows that getting

to command mode breaks up the left Hand.

So i took the idea from the ddvorak man and thought.

Hey, i rarely never use that goddamm Caps_Lock key which

is in a very close position to the left Hand.

To make a long story short.

Line 2 remaps the Caps_Lock function to my ‚Esc‘ Key.

Line 3 remaps the Escape function to my ‚Caps Lock‘ Key.

Line 4 and 5 are needed for whatever, i know remapping

Caps Lock wont work without them.

Ask google for more information.