been a long time scince my last post and a think a long time will pass until my next post. However, this is something everybody can see who is taking a look at my blog so its totally useless to post this sentence.

This one is going to be about motivation. I think everybody knows this. You get a task, no matter from whom or with what intense and you think. Ahhh, no problem, thats an easy one. I get that one done in, let’s say, three days. And because that task is sooooo easy you instantly start it and get some things done. And see, everything is working like expected and you think, oh wait, i can get a coffee, its still early in the morning.

So you stand up and make yourself a coffee. Back again with your coffee you wanna get back to work, but wait. There is that little thingy you read some days ago about. That little, cute and nice thingy you urgently need for your computer. Everybody got it and because you’re always the most up-to-date guy in your hood you obviously need it to.

Ok, coffee and brain ready, yea. So lets start the search and throw up google. Ouh, wait, wasn’t there something? Ah, the task, damn it, why now? Who needs a fuckin task if you can have that little thingy? And you start to think, shouldn’t i get my task done first of all?

Uhm, its such an easy task, i can spend some time for that thingy and still get it done in no time.

So you start looking and compiling and installing, but it won’t work as suspectied and so you start looking for that error and possible solutions.

But wait, whats that? The clock must be wrong, its already 6 pm? WTF? How can that be? Work time is over and still, no little thingy. Uhm, so its gotta have to wait.

Ok, new day new luck. Lemme check. Next little Step for my task? Ah, it’s really easy, i almost did it in a few seconds.

Cool, so i can check back to see if i get that little thingy installed today. But, no luck once more. This day is gone by like the last one. But, the thingy is almost done, you spent one more hour to get it working and tada. Everything is fine. Time to get home.

So the next day is here and you boot up and aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh. That cool thingy is really cool, you call everybody and show it around. A friend really appreciates it, but after watching a while he asks: „What about your task? You got it done?“.

You think: „Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa“. But say: „Yea almost, its just a question of time.“. Apropos time. Only some hours left, but we’re cool.

Back to work and back to task. But oh, uh, ah, a little problem appeared. And it grows and grows with every step i take to solve it.

All of a sudden your boss is in the door and says: „Are you done?“ Of course not, but you cannot tell that to him, nor show him your little progress.

At least your working over night and finish it, but to what price. And this is how your whole life is. You get tasks and projects but cannot get them done in time or only with huge effort in the last timeperiod. Doesn’t that suck immense?

Wouldn’t you like to be more productive? Wouldn’t you want to get things done in time and not in hurry. Wouldn’t you want to get things done at all.

I don’t have solutions to this, but the mighty internet has and oh, its an easy one: