Today i wanted to compile mysql workbench on arch linux

which already uses gcc-4.4 at the time being.

After some compiling you get following errors:

mysql_resultbind.cpp:104: error: ‘printf’ was not declared in this scope


mysql_art_resultset.cpp:57: error: ‘snprintf’ was not declared in this scope

Thanko to IRC the problem was easily and fast solved.

Just insert an:


into the files that throw the error.


Wow, what a mess. Of course that wasnt all that throwed errors.

After inserting all the cstdio things a few others will occur.

There are patches to be found for older versions of mysql workbench which

dont fit for the actual alpha.

So i changed everything by hand.

Basically you have to look in the files throwing errors for the following:

#elif BOOST_PP…= 1 2

and make an


#if BOOST…

out of it.

And insert one or two


at the end of the files.

To get a better idea of what i mean look at the bug reports:
Mysql-workbench gcc 4.4 bug