Everybody who knows me knows that i am a big fan of open source. And within open source i mean the whole idea behind it and not just the for free products. I a firm believer that knowledge and wisdom should be shared among everybody. This is what makes us strong.

But, and now comes the big one, please all you developers, please try to make a good job in finishing features. Honestly, i’ve been trying to get a good synchronization between webapps and local apps running for several weeks and there is not one solution which works out of the box, or works at all. There is so much good stuff out there, but none of them does what it should do.

Kontact, for instance, its a big and beautifuld suite, but is it possible to save new ldap contacts? Not on my computer, it just crashes every time i try that. Synchronization between egroupware/horde and kontact (its calendar part namely)? Give it a try, you might have luck with xml-rpc, at least i had, for a few days, afterwards it just stopped working. There is a beatiful page on the egroupware website: http://www.egroupware.org/sync Within you can see which synchronization works and which doesnt. Believe me, i tried most of them, at least the ones with kontact, evolution and thunderbird. The three big players on the linux market. None of them works. Works in the meaning of setting it up and work with it of course with a two-way sync. Right now i cannot even read my calendar.

The same is valid for the infolog, whereas that was the part that worked most for me.

And here comes my plea, once more. Please all you great developers, i know you are doing a really good job. But please, stop implementing features for a certain amount of time and make the features you have work. Make them work not like you expect them to work, make them work like the users expect them to work. I beg you all. There is no use in having the 1000. database abstraction layer, or this API or that layer. Just make it work.

Make it as big as email is. People use email all the day, despite the spam they receive, because it just works. People use Outlook/Exchange because it works. People use Lotus/Notes because it works. Me uses Linux because it works. And i’d really like to use a good PIM/Webpim suite because it works.

Heck, it wont take long and i’ll use google calendar again, because it just works, even with evolution, thunderbird and kontact.