Today i wrote a little script that draws borders around certain windows in Windows ;-)
This is especially useful if you play poker, or something similar, and need attention on certain windows.
The script uses the autohotkey framework, which you can find under:

Copy the code in a file called foobar.ahk and start it. Inside itself you find two variables:
border_thickness which sets the thickness of the borders and
Table_String which looks for the name of the window around which it should draw the border.

The script looks only for active windows, but you can easily add functionality to it, just look at the autohotkey homepage.

So here it comes:


SetTimer, DrawRect, 50
border_thickness = 5
Table_String = Table

;Loop {
; WinGetClass, class, A
;if (class = „#32770“)
WinGetTitle, title, A
IfInString, title, %Table_String%
WinGetPos, x, y, w, h, A
Gui, +Lastfound +AlwaysOnTop +Toolwindow
iw:= w+4
ih:= h + 4
w:=w+ 8
h:=h + 8
x:= x -border_thickness
y:= y -border_thickness
Gui, Color, FF0000
Gui, -Caption
WinSet, Region, 0-0 %w%-0 %w%-%h% 0-%h% 0-0 %border_thickness%-%border_thickness% %iw%-%border_thickness% %iw%-%ih% %border_thickness%-%ih% %border_thickness%-%border_thickness%
Gui, Show, w%w% h%h% x%x% y%y% NoActivate, Table awaiting Action