Recently i wrote a post about syncevolution with horde and finally a rant about it ( /,-synchronization-baeh,-a-plea.html). However, over the time, things have changed. I got accostumed to egroupware and using it, and after i moved to a new Virtual Server i finally managed to setup up everything to my needs. So this is what i got:


  • egroupware setup up on apache

  • several clients like kontact, evolution and even outlook

  • and finally sync the data


What works out of the box is the following (after turning xmlrpc on in egroupware settings):


  • Egroupware with funambol connector (used by outlook for instance) – Tasks/Notes/Calendar/Addressbook.

  • Egroupware with sunbird and caldav (integrated in sunbird) – only Calendar works.

  • Egroupware with kontact – groupdav for calendar and tasks + xmlrpc for the addressbook


And finally a cool guy patched egroupware 1.6 + minor versions to make it work with sync ml (and with that you can sync with syncevolution and things) . You can find his page and a short guide (its really easy to get it running) here:

So egroupware now works even with evolution and a lot of other apps, which is a great thing for all the users out there waiting for such a solution, and i know, there are many of them. I have no experiences with phones and things, but i am pretty sure that a lot of things will be done in future to make that work fine too.

Here is my config for syncevolution:

syncURL =
username = diezahnfee@default
password = ichwillhierweg


type = text/calendar
uri = ./calendar

Settings for addressbook and tasks are similar, i didnt try them specifically, but you find a lot of docs out there, or in my old blog post (link at top of this posting ;-)).