I am trialing some Open Source ERP Software right now and got stuck with Openerp right now. It is very modular, flexible and adaptable i think, however, its strength is its weakness too and i had a hard time finding out how to translate some strings that are not translated yet. What i needed was „Ordered Date“ translated into its German „Angebotsdatum“ in the report from the sales module.


  1. Get into the i18n folder of the sales module and open your language file. Add the following lines:
    #. module: sale
    #: rml:sale.order:0
    msgid „Quotation Date“
    msgstr „Angebotsdatum“

  2. Upgrade the sales module and reload the translations from the admin menu, just to be sure the translation is added.

  3. Get into the folder report and edit order.rml. Replace:[[ o.state==’draft‘ and ‚Quotation Date‘ or ‚Date Ordered‘ ]]With:[[ o.state <> ‚draft‘ or removeParentNode(‚para‘) ]]Quotation Date[[ o.state <> ‚draft‘ or removeParentNode(‚para‘) ]]Date OrderedThe problem here is that python doesnt translate strings in [[]].

  4. Now it should work.


Now, this was easy, wasnt it?
But, if you adapted the report with the openoffice and base_report_designer plugin, the changes in order.rml dont get recognized.
So you have to open your .sxw template and change :

[[o.state==’draft‘ and ‚Quotation Date‘ or ‚Date Ordered‘]]


[[o.state <> ‚draft‘ and removeParentNode(‚para‘) ]] Quotation

[[o.state==’draft‘ and removeParentNode(‚para‘) ]] Ordered Date

That should get you going basically.