I setup Adempiere Virtual Appliance for Virtualbox under arch linux today, just out of curiosity: http://www.adempiere.com/index.php/ADempiere_Virtual_Appliance_Install#Latest_Version

Despite the very good installation manual, there were three things which bugged me, but could be solved fast:


  • Virtualbox wont boot the VA when the module: vboxnetflt is not loaded (at my place i never needed it for windows)

  • Afterwards, the system still wont boot, you have to check the Virtualbox Setting at System -> Motherboard -> „Enable IO Apic“, which has to be checked

  • After you installed adempiere in the VA (the manual tells you how to do that), you cannot login into the system, at least i couldnt, cause there was no valid user given in the tutorial. However, after connecting to the host via: http://adempierehost.com:8080 use
    as user/pw combination.