After some time has passed i again tried to get a dvorak layout running on windows.

Basically it is not that hard, just choose one from the keyboard layout chooser, but thats not my kind of style 😀

Of course, as written here in an old post, i want to switch the ‚esc‘ and ‚caps lock‘ key, like i did in linux (easily in the end).

Unfortunately, it is not that easy in windows. The only way i found to achieve that is to change some registry entries. There are a few tools out there to do that, but i dont want to go that far.

Reason is, you have to reboot to make that work, which is a showstopper for me, as no other user can use my windows then anymore, without having to know about the new special keys.

It’s really a pitty that windows, as old as it is, still so that much non-configurable.

So i just created a new dvorak layout, adapted to my needs, with the microsoft keyboard layout creator. It looks like this:

dvorak in normal state

dvorak in shift state

dvorak in alt gr state

There is just one more pitfall i ran into. First i created a complete new layout, which led to the problem that the Ctrl and Alt modifiers behaved somehow different. They corresponding alphabetic keys where on a different place, but neither at the new dvorak, nor in the old german one.

So pressing Ctrl+C didnt copy any more, and Ctrl + C on the new layout didnt either.

That was really weird, to solve that one i choose an existing german layout and adapted the keys on that one.

Now it’s like i have to press Ctrl+C on the old keyboard to get something copied, even with the new layout enabled.

The disadvantage is, pressing Ctrl+C on dvorak layout (there, where the new ‚C‘ is) doesnt copy, but something different.

The advantage is, you dont have to remap shortcuts from eclipse/Outlook/whatsoever, as they stay the same.

Here is the installer with the source file included for the microsoft keyboard layout creator:


Update: i forgot the „“ and added it, dont wanna update the pictures now, but its included in the zip file at the bottom.

Update 2: i also forgot the „%“, same procedure as before 😉