While developing an application that sends mail using sendmail I had the problem that there is no sendmail available on windows.

To solve this just download: http://www.glob.com.au/sendmail/sendmail.zip edit the sendmail.ini and set the smtp_server to use localhost. Now add an environment variable to your windows: SENDMAIL=“/the/path/you/extracted/sendmail/to“

Then go and get: http://nilhcem.github.io/FakeSMTP/

You can use this to check the mails that were sent with sendmail.

Finally add: [clojurewerkz/mailer „1.0.0“] to your project.clj.

Now you can call the code to emit some mails:

[codesyntax lang=“php“]

(deliver-email {:from mail-from, :to [email] :subject "Subject."}
                 "templates/email/activation.mustache" {:activationlink (generate-activation-link activationid)})


Thats it 🙂