I just wondered how to retrieve a complete datom from datomic which references other attributes. With complete I mean a map which contains the whole dataset instead of rereferences to different datoms. I did not find a convenience method for it, so I wrote my own on.

This is the result:


(defn get-by-id [dbconn id & [add-key]]
  (let [entity (into {} (d/touch (d/entity dbconn (read-string id))))]
    (if (and add-key (get entity add-key))
      (assoc-in entity [add-key] (map #(d/touch (d/entity (dbc) (:db/id %))) (seq (add-key entity))))


First we retrieve the original datom, convert this into a clojure map. Then we check if a third param is provided (the additional key that contains references to other datoms). If it exists, we retrieve the datoms for these id’s and put them in the original map afterwards.

This currently only works for a single ref, where the ref has a „many“ cardinality. But I guess its easy to generalize it some more to support different cases.